Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Its turn for Jagan to repeat Akhilesh in A.P

After the en-strangled battle of UP for more than 6 weeks, it is learnt that Sonia Gandhi or Gandhi's having a tough time now and also forced to have in near future due to many threats. The prime being High Prices of all commodities and Corruption.

With the devastating performance put by congress in U.P, the main thing being discussed in all political circles through out India is, what is the position of congress in our state and what in south?

With congress totally wiped out in Tamil Nadu, and facing a strong resilience from local leaders to develop a fort in Tamil Land. They are being as supporters for either of party mostly DMK. As AIADMK turned to third front, which can be skipped off. Neither third front has attractive leaders, nor enough criteria to lead India. The other state being Karnataka, where congress is struggling to gain power as they are unable to cash on the problems created by BJP such as Illegal Mining, corruption charges on former CM Yeddy. The situation has come to worse from bad, as congress was unable to convert these charges to threatens of governance.

The big state of South, Andhra Pradesh, Which was a fort for only two either congress or TDP from Independence is now facing heat in many forms. The Prime being Jagan's YSRCP. The YSR Congress Party established after sudden demise of late CM YSR Reddy, is the famous and most attracted party for local leaders and people.

With Akhilesh yadav setting up U.P as a state for S.P with his mesmerizing tricks, to be fair promises which attracted everyone from all castes. Akhilesh Yadav, an Engineer turned politician really played a constructive role to bring everyone in his party together and made it possible for the party. 

Akhilesh Yadav started his campaign for his father right from the word GO. He started his campaign with Kranthi Yatra, touring each and every district on a bicycle, and attracting common man. With Mayawati waiting for her time to get into act for campaigning. Akhilesh captured the opportunity and has played his own game to get into people. He mastered each and every program and also was a power pack for speeches unlike Rahul Gandhi, who was just using a momentum but unable to hold or capitalize momentum.

Akhilesh yadav toured U.P and organized 551 meetings prior to elections, where he was successful each and every time. On the other side Mayawati toured and orgainzed around 400 meetings which were successful too, but clearly made a mark against her. Rahul campaigned 218 constituencies and organized 221 meetings, wanting to win atleast half of his meetings.

Now, Akhilesh a happy person as he has brought back smile on his father's face and also can lead a peaceful time now after hectic 2 months election schedule and extensive one year campaign.

In Andhra Pradesh, there is a similar situation faced by Congress, Sonia Gandhi speaking today to media said, "The problem is we are having many leaders." This is now the problem in AP too, as YSR Reddy was lone leader who had charisma and stamina to talk, challenge, win and essay any role for Congress, and he was successful everytime. But after his demise, its no one for Congress, as YSR Kin Jagan Reddy has established his own party and trying to have his own empire. None has expected Jagan to move out of Congress, which was a dead shock for Congress.

Now, the youth icon of not only AP, but south, is trying to extend his image to Nation wide, with his stats and schemes, where he has been in news for false reasons, but able to convert the false to true and sympathy. With a record breaking majority at his door in Lok Sabha elections held last year, he made it clear to high command that he is set for his own empire. With U.P result a lesson for congress, A.P will be a demise for Congress.

A.P was always a power house for congress, as it helped from all sorts of troubles, now creating a problem, with literally no development, no schemes, no proper leader to make it to land for Congress. U.P is always a tough ask for congress and now it should not have the same with A.P as Tamil nadu is already out of Congress hands.

Jagan meanwhile, is running his cap and progressing with his never lasting Odarupu Yatra. His Condolence tour ready to enter into Telengana is big question for TRS, Congress, TDP and BJP. As, TRS is now healthy and happy as it has major power house set up. BJP making a way to develop. Congerss, TDP trying to regain their image, as they have already lost in Costal and Rayalseema region. 

Jagan is all-ready to repet Akhilesh yadav, infact he has own stature and style to repeat his Lok Sabha poll victory in A.P, as a recent survey conducted by a higher official neta in Congress pointed a 180 seat mark for YSRCP, which is almost 50+ seats, what congress has now, not taking in consideration of PRP seats.

Its time for congress to learn something and start making a soft towards Jagan, as he is the only pole congress can see now, as TDP would never join congress, and TRS cannot cross 120  mark and PRP cannot win back their last outing results at all.

Time has to say for what congress has in store.. Lets wait for 2 more years to see the developments in this political game.

The post is of author's personal opinion. Where he is not held of any responsibility. Please do read and make others read.And do comment.

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